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About Me

I was born in a small town in the Kawartha Lakes Area, of Ontario, Canada. I have a large family with many brothers and pets. I went to Georgian College for the electrical engineering - automated systems diploma, after which I went to Fanshawe College for the computer programmer analyst diploma. I love hiking in remote, mountainous parts of the world, and riding my bike through the paths of Ontario. I also enjoy sailing, having spent most of my summers on a sail boat. Look around the site to learn more about what I do in my spare time.



Samples of my work created for personal use or school projects.


Software that is making me money!

  • Fishbowl - A simple family-oriented Xbox Live enabled game.



A collection of my sci-fi short stories

Articles about the web, gamming, and IT.

  • Creating a Better Lobby - An article outlining how to create a better lobby using XNA. (
  • Magic - A series of articles that explain magic its history and tries to weed fact from fiction. (RMXP news letter)


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Rail Yard


Rail yard is next generation PHP framework. It brings together common patterns like MVC and ActiveRecord. It follows conservation over configuration. It is build on PHP 5 and follows PHP best practices.

Why another framework? Don't we already have CakPHP, Code Igniter and Zend! All very good frameworks but having created applications in all these frameworks we believe that they are all missing a few key points. The first and most important problem is that routing in side of an application doesn't just relied on a Url. Other variables like sessions or cookies can also play a part and often Ajax and/or APIs also play some part of the process. To deal with this problem RailYard using a dispatcher class that handles routing requests. Second is lack of a descent ORM. Although most people assume that the ORM is mapping to a database it could also map to a service and RailYard flows the Rails approach to handling this problem with ActiveRecord and ActiveResource. Third is how these frameworks map actions to views. It is the nature of MVC that an action is related to a view but most frameworks call a view and auto render the results. All this makes managing the layers of the application hard. In RailYard in your actions you interact with a layout object that gets render against a layout view. The content of this layout is filled by rendering views into sections of the layout object. By taking this approach we can combine views in a Object Oriented fashion.



Crypto-Cartography is a service that provides authentication for web systems, like OpenID. What sets Crypto-Cartography apart from other systems is that your password is not entered as text but is entered by selected points on a map. With the longitude and latitude serving as the access code. By zooming down through the map to the high level of resolution, users can graphically produce a nearly unbreakable password that neither people nor viruses could track.

XSLT Templates


  • Project Started: 2008

XSLT Templates is a client side jQuery library that takes XML and/or JSON data and renders it against of XSLT template to create text, HTML, XML, or JSON. As well the library can run script(s) after the templating process to add client side logic to the processed data.

XSLT seemed to the the best choice for a javascript template engine because it is standardized. As well a large collection of the internet data stores are XML, but JSON support is also needed for interaction with applications. It also meant that the same templates that are used in the web are transferable to other environments that support xslt.



Bottalk is a service for bots, devices, services and people to communicate and connect through the exchange of frequent structured messages. Why? Because the world needs and better way for technological devices to talk to each other. With Bottalk, services can post messages to a feed which other services can follow.

Bottalk was originally created before twitter but since its lunch as adapted some of its ideals. The target was home devices that could follow each other and other services for information and commands.

A prototype air conditioner was created to that monitored a feed for weather updates and adjusted its temperature range a accordingly. It was also able to monitor a feed from Ontario hydro that had information of current state of the electrical grid and would power down if in a high risk area to safe power. It could also follow my cell phone's feed for commands and confirmation of commands.





Traffic was created in late 2010. With the release of XNA 4 and now being able to publish a game on Windows Phone 7 as well as Xbox 360 we find ourselves building another simple game to publish on both Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 7. The game consists of a player controlling traffic lights of a pre populated city to get the average commute time below the goal. This requires using the tools of a game to figure out bottle necks, open roads, and flow patterns. The game starts off with towns and ends in a metropolis. We have yet to publish this game to App Hub as its still being tested. But I will update this section when it is finally released.




Fishbowl was created in one week over my Christmas break in 2008. With the release of XNA networking and the 360 deployment system we were very interested in getting a simpler game together to publish. Fishbowl was born! based on a Nut Harvest a very addicting XNA game that was also very simple. The goal of this project was to figure out and test XNA networking. It was very interesting to deal with network prediction to get the game to work correctly. The game consists of a player controlling a fish to eat the most shrimp before the other fish. Look out for power ups and bombs! Fishbowl has accumulated over 20,000 trail downloads since January 2009. As well as covering the cost of the original assets.

Camthalion of Andrill



Camthalion of Andrill was created in early 2005. It was created with RMXP an engine used by hobbits developers. I have created many RGSS scripts for the community over the years including the standard development kit (SDK) and my famed squad based action battle system (SBABS), but this is my first game created with this engine. The game consist of an RPG adventure to find a sword your father left in a temple when he was kill there. The sword belonged to the King and he asked you to return it to him. The game included many of my own scripts and was more of a test bed then a real game.